Urbit Planets by ~lanlyd

Join the network and explore a universe where your data and identity are truly yours.


Why Urbit?

Urbit is one of the most ambitious computing projects ever attempted and the internet needs it now more than ever. Do you actually own your data? How much of your digital experience do you really control? If you haven’t started thinking about those things yet, we implore you to start now. Join us!


What ~lanlyd Offers You

Planet Identities

We have a large selection of well priced of Urbit Planet IDs available on our Planet Shop.

OTA Updates

On the Urbit network, planets spawned under ~lanlyd Star will receive all updates pushed by our Galaxy ~bus.

Packet Relays

On the Urbit network, stars like ~lanlyd will eventually be responsible for relaying your network communication to other ships.

The original vision for the internet was that everyone would have their own computer that stored their data, ran their software and connected directly to other computers on a variety of networks (i.e. personal servers). Ideas and information could easily be shared directly with others without the involvement of third parties. The computer was going to be a bicycle for the mind, one that could be used in this radically new social way through peer-to-peer networking across the globe. Personal computing would open up entirely new possibilities for the individual and humanity as a whole.

However, this vision never came to fruition, in large part because the internet was built in an ad hoc manner over 30+ years—it is a frankensteined amalgamation of code, protocols and Unix systems that makes running your own software on the internet difficult, even for professionals. Instead, we leave the task to tech companies.

Urbit fixes this by making it easy to run our own software on the internet, thereby eliminating our need to rely on cloud companies and the applications running on their servers. With Urbit, we can perform common online tasks like messaging, editing documents and social networking yourself, eliminating the middle man. Instead, we can each have our own personal server that runs our online applications and connects peer-to-peer. Urbit enables new possibilities for software that serves our needs rather than the needs of advertisers and cloud corporations.

After purchase, you should receive a link to redeem your Urbit ID. Follow the detailed instructions found at this link to get started with your new ship.

Because these Urbit IDs are cryptographic assets, it's not possible for us to refund your purchase.

Once you boot your new Urbit ID for the first time, join our community group at ~lanlyd/terminal to find new users, other groups and apps to explore. The world of Urbit will start to unfold for you. You can follow this link for more detailed instruction on how to join our community.

Other recommended apps and groups can be found at urbit.org/ecosystem

Currently, we offer a large selection of Urbit Planet IDs at the low price of $17 each on our Planet Shop. The price and supply may change over time as demand changes.

Yes, to self-host your own Urbit Planet, you will need a computer of some kind. There is an application called Port available on Windows Mac and Linux that makes it easy to get started, however it's not recommended because it's not very well-supported with updates and is quite buggy on Windows. You can find more detailed instruction on how to use Port after claiming your Urbit ID here. You can also learn more about running your Urbit ship with this Getting Started Guide from Urbit.org.

It is recommended to use either the Linux command line to run your Urbit ship or a new option called Groundseg by NativePlanet.